19 January 2022

An elegant way to enjoy your gelato: Le Coppe di Ci Gusta

Gelato can be enjoyed while strolling around the city or can be a sweet meal when you have the time, but every now and then it is nice to take a little moment during the day to sit at our tables, make yourself comfortable and choose one of the many Coppe Gelato that our master gelato makers have designed to satisfy everyone’s tastes.

Fruit lovers will certainly appreciate the fresh Giallo Limone (Yellow Lemon), which combines the acidity of lemon with the richness of white chocolate, but they will also be intrigued by the cup Lugano, which is a real triumph of strawberries. Coconut and Passion Fruit, on the other hand, form the basis of the Kandy cup, which pays homage to the scents and flavours of Sri Lanka. Finally, those who love raspberries will find the best of this fruit together with the rich flavour of mascarpone in the Merano cup.

True gourmands have a variety of cups to tempt their palates. Tiramisu lovers, for example, should not miss the Treviso cup, which contains all the flavour of the famous dessert created in the city in the 1970s. Those who can’t resist a good cheesecake, on the other hand, should definitely try the Dal Bosco cup, which reproduces in a fresh version the goodness of berry cheesecake.

Chocolate and hazelnut connoisseurs will choose the delicious Valentino cup without hesitation, while coffee fans will order the San Basilio cup, which brings out the aroma of coffee together with chocolate and caramel.

For those who love gelato, especially when combined with exotic fruits or unexpected flavours, we have several cups that will surprise them. The combination of pineapple and salted caramel may seem daring, but the Dakar cup manages to balance all the flavours to perfection, just as the Guyana cup combines banana and butterscotch gelato in an irresistible combination of sweetness.

Finally, there are two elegant cups for the most discerning palates: the Mascate cup with its mango and yoghurt flavour and the refined Taormina cup with all the scents of Sicily.

Have you found the right cup for you? Come to Ci Gusta to taste it!

19 January 2022 News

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