12 July 2021

Ci Gusta surprises Venice with the opening of Ci Gusta Teatro on the occasion of the Redentore Festival

The countdown is about to begin! Ci Gusta Teatro will open its doors to all lovers of authentic homemade gelato on Saturday July 17th on the occasion of the famous Venetian “Festa del Redentore”, one of the most heartfelt celebrations for Venetians who for over 400 years have admired the bridge of boats between San Marco and Giudecca and the spectacle of fireworks that invade the Bacino di San Marco with lights.

The Ci Gusta team is delighted to open the doors of its new venue during this anniversary that celebrates one of the city’s most fascinating churches, which was built to mark the end of a terrible plague that struck the city in 1500.  So today, 2021, after one of the most difficult periods in its 1600-year history, Venice is rising again, just like the phoenix that gave its name to its most famous theatre.

It is in this climate of hope that the new Ci Gusta will rise near the beautiful Scala Contarini Bovolo and the picturesque Campo Manin, in Calle Del Lovo (“wolf” in Venetian) to be precise.

In this context rich in art and culture, the brand new Ci Gusta will offer all lovers of good Italian food quality artisan gelato made fresh daily.

The shop window will be full of a wide variety of gelato flavours where tourists stopping for a cone or a cup can choose between fresh fruit gelatos, perfect to enjoy while walking through the calli of this unique city, or delicious cream flavours that will satisfy the cravings of the most greedy.

Venice is part and symbol, with its thousand-year history, of our country and has managed to survive even the darkest moments due to the pandemic, and it is in this city, heritage admired throughout the world, that Ci Gusta bets more and more and does it  through the collaboration with Mela Holding Group Spa, owned by the family of the entrepreneur Marco Salihu, leader in the restaurant business with 14 restaurants open in the calli and sestieri of the Serenissima

Dario Rabboni, founder and managing director of Ci Gusta, comments on this promising synergy:

“on the occasion of the anniversary of Ci Gusta, which since 2011 has successfully opened several restaurants around the world, we are happy to strengthen our presence in Italy, particularly in the city that most represents us abroad.

I am very pleased to inaugurate the new store in Venice during the celebrations of the “Festa del Redentore” to further underline our greater commercial presence in the Lagoon: this Calle del Lovo is in fact our second store in the city, after the opening of Campo San Lio in 2019 and soon we will extend our presence with a third location in a prominent position overlooking the Rialto. The franchise format that we are extending to Venice this summer represents the natural evolution of what we have been able to implement abroad in recent years, presenting a mixed concept of fast food but of high Italian quality that combines speed of preparation, versatility of the offer between sweet and savoury and allows our franchisees to cross the different moments of the day and the year with a flexible and multi-sensory menu.”

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