3 May 2022

The flavours of Alto Adige

To celebrate the historic promotion to Serie B of our partner team, FC Südtirol, we would like to introduce you to some of the most classic gastronomic and cultural traditions of this region, which has always been a place of integration between Middle-European and Mediterranean cultures.

In the unique Alpine landscape with its majestic mountains, the highest quality fruit and vegetables are grown and processed with skill to create exceptional products. South Tyrolean PGI apples are one example. Thanks to their delicious scent and exquisite taste, they are excellent to enjoy on their own, but they are at their best when they are carefully processed to create a delicious Strudel filling. This is one of the area’s best-loved desserts and is perfect for enjoying after a walk in the Alps.

Südtirol is also famous for its delicious yogurt, made from the milk of cows that graze in the alpine pastures and eat the tender, aromatic grass of the mountain fields. A fresh, soft flavour is found in the yogurt and goes well with the tasty berries that the forests in the area are rich in.

In addition to its many culinary delights, South Tyrol is a place rich in legends that originated in the shadow of the Dolomites, the mountains that turn pink at sunset and are said to be home to witches, fairies, gnomes and giants. A magical place that enchants both for its beauty and its traditions.

Südtirol is a place where various cultures have always lived together, and it is in fact possible to listen to three different languages while walking through the streets of the villages in the valleys. Italian, German and Ladin, the dialect with more than a thousand years of history still spoken by 30,000 people, mingle in harmony creating a concert of words and cultures.

We are proud to support FC Südtirol, because it is the team that represents an area rich in gastronomic excellence and that shares with Ci Gusta the value of integration between peoples and cultures.