9 August 2023

Ci Gusta arrives in Madinah

The goodness of Ci Gusta arrives in Madinah, Saudi Arabia, to bring Italian cuisine to the heart of this desert oasis. In the luminous city, as its name suggests: l-Madīna al-munawwara, “The illuminated city”, Ci Gusta customers will find both sweet and savoury dishes to accompany them during hot days and moments of relaxation.

From August 20th, Ci Gusta Madinah will be the ideal place to taste different pasta shapes that are made fresh daily and topped with our delicious and creamy sauces that have all the flavour of the most iconic dishes of Italian cuisine.

Those looking for great pizza in the city of Madinah will know where to go from now on. Ci Gusta will offer several types of this iconic Italian dish. From the classic round pizza to the elongated, crispy pizza that characterizes us around the world. Every customer will find their ideal pizza.

If you want to enjoy real artisanal gelato, you will find a showcase full of fruit and cream flavours to delight gelato lovers. If you like soft gelato, you won’t be disappointed, because you can also enjoy this delicacy in the new Ci Gusta.

On warmer days, Ci Gusta will be the ideal place to go to cool off with tasty milkshakes and shakes or a slice of one of our elegant semifreddo.

Mark the date of August 20th on your calendar so you don’t miss the opening of Ci Gusta Medina!