13 January 2023

Ci Gusta Lagos is already a success

A little over a month after opening our first location in Nigeria, Ci Gusta Lagos has already become one of the city’s top restaurants. This cozy and bright environment hosts many young people and several families every day who want to enjoy the best of typical Italian food in the heart of Africa.

Many come to try the real Italian breakfast consisting of cornetto and cappuccino, others to sample the many pastries and cakes that make our pastry showcase so inviting and impossible to resist.

So many choose Ci Gusta Lagos as the perfect place to enjoy a great pasta dish. From classic spaghetti with tomato and basil to linguini with pesto, and even lasagna and ravioli. All the best of Italian cuisine in one place.

Ci Gusta Lagos is also the right place to enjoy true artisanal gelato that is made fresh daily, with only the highest quality ingredients by our qualified staff. Those who choose it as a sweet end to a meal or as a fresh snack to indulge in a moment of pure delight.

Children are also welcome at Ci Gusta where in addition to enjoying our many specialties, they can play in the colorful children’s area equipped with many toys and space dedicated for them to have fun.

At the moment, Ci Gusta Lagos has held a soft opening, but there will be an official opening soon in the presence of Nigerian authorities and Italian consular officials.

Stay tuned!

13 January 2023 News