25 July 2023

A special menu for the Giochi del Tricolore

Thousands of young atheltes from all over the world have arrived in Reggio Emilia to compete in the Tricolour Flag Games, a sporting and cultural event that is now in its seventh edition and brings many young internationals to the city where the Italian flag was born, coming together in the name of sport.

On the occasion of these festive days, Ci Gusta Reggio Emilia decided to offer at the venue inside the Il Mercato Eat&Meet a special recipe that celebrates this event: the Sogno Tricolore granita.

Given the high temperatures in the city in recent weeks, we thought of creating a super refreshing granita with colours in our flag. A mouth-watering layer of pistachio granita, alternating with a fresh lemon granita and another strawberry granita that you can decide whether to enjoy plain, with whipped cream or accompanied by a soft brioche con il tuppo. Sogno Tricolore granita is the perfect snack to enjoy before or after a race.

We look forward to welcoming athletes and their companions from as many as 19 countries to our venue to let them taste these specialties created for the event.

If you want to try this goodness, stop by Ci Gusta!