17 August 2021

Creamy sweetness with the flavour of Yoghurt

Ci Gusta’s soft yoghurt differs from others in its creaminess and genuine taste that refreshes the palate and can be enriched with grains and delicious sauces to make the snack of your dreams.

Our soft yoghurt has a sweet taste, but with a pleasant hint of acidity that makes it so special and similar to the taste of mountain yoghurts you can enjoy in the alpine huts of the Dolomites. To complete your experience, we recommend adding a swirl of our Forrest Berries Sauce to really make you feel like you are in a hut under the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, amazing mountains of that alpine region.

If you prefer a summery and refreshing version that is also suitable for those on a low-fat diet, you can order our Soft sweetened with Stevia. This naturally sweet plant gives a delicious flavour to the soft and is great to enjoy on its own au naturel or sprinkled with chopped Pistachio or Hazelnut.

Finally, if you love the full and rich taste of traditional Greek Yogurt, you can enjoy it in a delicious version with a compact and creamy texture. Ask our Ci Gusta staff to decorate it with our Honey Sauce and a handful of Sesame Seeds, where the first taste will transport you straight to Greece.

These are just three ways to enjoy our Soft Yoghurt, but you can use your imagination to create your own combination of flavours.

We look forward to seeing you!

17 August 2021 News

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