17 November 2023

The treasures of South Tyrol

South Tyrol has always been renowned for its natural beauty, cultural richness, and the unique taste of its local products. These unique elements, combined, create an enchanting context that captivates the numerous visitors who choose to spend their vacation in these lands every year.

Among the numerous attractions that this territory has to offer, the Merano Thermal Baths stand out, offering a regenerating experience for the body and spirit, especially after a long walk.

Another distinctive feature of this area is undoubtedly its deep connection with the equestrian world, manifested both through the renowned Grand Prix of Merano, an annual event that attracts horse racing enthusiasts from every corner of the globe, and thanks to the majestic Haflinger horses, a breed of excellence capable of enchanting with their elegance and strength those who venture into the paths of the Alps.

For lovers of history and culture, a visit to the Archaeological Museum of Alto Adige is a must. Since 1998, this space has been the home of the famous mummy Ötzi, an extraordinary find discovered in the glacier of Val Senales, shedding light on the past of this land.

This area is also known for its gastronomic traditions, which have always represented a meeting point between Central European and Mediterranean cultures. In particular, the pinnacle of its cuisine is represented by its delicious desserts, ranging from the delicate flavor of yogurt garnished with delicious forest fruits from the local woods to the fragrance of Alto Adige IGP apples contained in friable strudels.

Ci Gusta Reggio Emilia fits into this context by enthusiastically supporting the FC Südtirol football team, embodying the passion and commitment that characterize the people of this region. Ci Gusta Reggio Emilia’s new logo is indeed present on the team’s match shorts, and our advertisement is always displayed on the sidelines of the Druso stadium in Bolzano.

We are happy to support a genuine, authentic territory rich in gastronomic excellence and to share these values every day through Ci Gusta Reggio Emilia with many peoples and cultures in different parts of the world.