15 December 2022

The delicacies of Ci Gusta

At Ci Gusta, gelato is never out of style! In addition to the classic gelato cone or cup, our customers can also enjoy it in the fragrant Bubble Waffles, soft waffles characterised by fluffy bubbles that best encapsulate the delightfulness of artisanal gelato.

Bubble Waffles first appeared at Ci Gusta Venezia Castello where became one of the most famous products in the venue. Over the years, they gained more and more popularity thanks to their irresistible texture and the many delicious options on offer. From the combination of chocolate gelato, strawberries, mini meringues and chocolate sauce to the version with hazelnut gelato and salted caramel sauce, there is always a Bubble Waffle to suit everyone.

Our exquisite sauces and inviting decorations unleash the imagination of customers, who enhance their gelato with fresh fruit or add sprinkles and crunchy nuts to create a particularly tasty Bubble Waffle.

Another speciality that is well-liked by our customers, especially Tiramisù fans, is our fresh Cafffettone, a mascarpone-flavoured cream complemented with a cup of espresso coffee that is decorated with a sprinkling of cocoa and a ladyfinger to recall the typical ingredients of the most famous dessert of Italian cuisine.

We are waiting for you to taste these specialities in the nearest Ci Gusta!

15 December 2022 News