10 June 2021

Ci Gusta Castello Venezia reopens!

Venice has been affected by Covid19, but as the Fenice, its splendid theatre, has reborn. We want to celebrate its rebirth by giving you the news that Ci Gusta Castello Venezia has reopened its doors to tourists visiting one of the world’s most elegant and refined cities.As well as admiring the picturesque calli and taking a ride on the typical gondolas, visitors from abroad and beyond will now find the authentic taste of real Italian artisan gelato at Ci Gusta.

You can find it in an exceptional location, the central Calle Sant’Antonio Sestiere Castello c/o Campo San Lio, a few steps from the Rialto Bridge. Ci Gusta Castello Venezia offers a wide selection of gelato, from refreshing fruit flavours to delicious creams, which thanks to their genuine flavour and enveloping texture allow everyone to discover the true taste of artisanal gelato. In addition to gelato, one of the most popular products of this place, which attracts gourmands from all over the world, is undoubtedly the delicious Bubble Waffle. A soft waffle that wraps gelato, yoghurt, fresh fruit, creamy sauces and mouth-watering decorations to create your own perfect flavour combination. An irresistible snack that has become very popular on social media!

Ci Gusta Castello Venezia is up and running again thanks to the collaboration with Mela Holding Group Spa of the Salihu family. They have been present in the Veneto region for over 40 years and they aim to make Ci Gusta grow even more in this area and in particular in the city of Venice with the opening in summer of Ci Gusta Teatro in Calle Del Lovo near Campo Manin and the unique jewel of the Scala Contarini Bovolo.

If you too would like to try our irresistible goodness while strolling through the streets of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, come and visit us at Ci Gusta Castello Venezia and don’t forget to share your Bubble Waffle on social media with the hashtag #cigusta!

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