9 June 2023

The Season’s Over: FCS Made History!

Despite the 1-0 win by the Biancorossi in the first leg, Bari advances to the playoff finals by virtue of their best placement in the regular season.

The last few weeks have been full of excitement for the South Tyrolean team, even though the season ended earlier than expected.

After losing to Modena on the final day of the championship – and the resulting loss of the prestigious fourth place – FCS had bounced back with a victory in the preliminary round of the playoffs against Reggina, which guaranteed them access to the semi-finals against third-place Bari.

The first match of the semi-finals took place on Monday May 29, at the Druso Stadium and witnessed FC Südtirol win thanks to Rover’s goal in the second half recovery. The Serie A dream was getting stronger and stronger through the excitement of the fans and the South Tyrolean team because at that moment, a tie in the return match with Bari was enough to play in the finals.

The tie had been maintained until the twenty-fifth minute of the second half when, with a cross from the right by Botta, an assist by Folorunsho, and a first-time shot by Benedetti, the ball went into the net and it was 1-0 to the hosts. The next twenty-four minutes were not enough for FC Südtirol and, along with the loss, the dreams and hopes of the fans had faded.

Despite the fact that the result was not one hoped for, the satisfaction for this year remains and allows FCS to enter rightfully and fully into the history of national football, reaching the highest point of all time in the provincial and regional football movement.

Ci Gusta is proud to have supported this wonderful group since February 2022 and to have accompanied the revelation team of the year, which arrives amongst the six strongest teams in its first experience in Serie B, narrowly missing the qualification for the Serie A championship. Ci Gusta is grateful for the emotions the boys have given us and also wants to congratulate the many fans who have always supported the team by singing for them throughout Italy, becoming the twelfth man, and giving the boys a boost even in the most difficult moments.