2 July 2020

Start the day with Ci Gusta!

Breakfast is considered the fundamental meal of the day as it provides us the energy needed to face the day ahead. For this reason, it is important we don’t skip it! Whether you are a lover of the classic Italian breakfast with coffee and cappuccino or if you prefer to start the day with eggs and sausages, at Ci Gusta we have the dish for you!

The ritual of coffee for breakfast is an Italian tradition that is now enjoyed throughout the world. Espresso, barley coffee, macchiato or American style – at Ci Gusta you can find the aromatic blend that suits your taste while providing you the energy to start your day! If you are craving something sweet may we recommend you try the combination of coffee and chocolate – two flavors that enhance each other and guarantee a sweet awakening. At Ci Gusta you can also enjoy other classic Italian breakfasts such as toasts and fragrant brioches, perfect eaten with delicious jam or butter. These delightful treats will make you smile. This type of breakfast is a favorite of the clients of Ci Gusta Benin and Ci Gusta Fethiye.

If you have a sweet tooth and want to enjoy a hearty breakfast we suggest you try our fluffy pancakes, paired with yogurt and fresh fruit. Another great option is our granola, a mix of oats, cereals and nuts, that can be eaten alone or paired with yogurt or warm or cold milk. If you are looking for something healthy and rich in vitamins try our parfait made with frozen yogurt and layered with fresh fruit and granola. If you are a real glutton, you will not be able to resist our delicious cakes which are the perfect pairing with a cup of cappuccino.

If you are a savory breakfast kind of person – no problem. At Ci Gusta you can find your perfect breakfast match with our eggs and chicken sausages – a breakfast favorite enjoyed in our stores throughout the world. These two signature breakfast ingredients are paired with two slices of toasted bread and a pat of butter to provide you with a flavorful meal packed with protein to start your day.

If you are a lover of modern cuisine and you want to discover new flavors, we have a breakfast just for you.  We recommend ordering our quinoa patties with baked beans dressed with a creamy cheese sauce. This original recipe is becoming a favorite of our customers throughout the world but especially in Hyderabad.

If you are following a vegetarian diet you can enjoy a savory crepe with a side of mixed vegetables, beans and toasted bread – an ideal way to start the day with an abundance of flavor and nutrients.

Sweet or savory, classic or modern, we have the breakfast for you. Many clients choose Ci Gusta as the place to eat the most important meal of the day and try new flavor combinations!

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