26 January 2021

Discover the new Ci Gusta Portogruaro store!

Ci Gusta Portogruaro has a new look! Since December we welcome all of our clients to a totally renewed and welcoming space.

This store is brighter and has the iconic colors of Ci Gusta; white and blue. We have redesigned our gelato shop window to provide more space to display the many delicious gelato flavors offered which vary according to the season and to satisfy the tastes of all of our customers.

Thanks to the four new monitors on the walls of the gelato shop, it’s easier to stay updated on the Ci Gusta world – all of the new menu items, active promotions and news of the franchising chain are featured on these monitors making a modern and attractive interface that captures the attention of passers-by in the gallery and Ci Gusta Portogruaro’s many customers. 

Ci Gusta also has a mouthwatering new addition to our menu: Bubble Waffles. A complete menu has been based around these fragrant and textured waffles that create the perfect vessel for our creamy gelato that can be topped with delicious sauces and crunchy sprinkles. Customers will be able to choose from some of the following flavor combinations: Capriccio, Canaletto, Tiziano and Tintoretto. These will delight the taste buds of chocolate, salted caramel and fruit lovers.

In addition to the portion of our store dedicated to homemade gelato, at Ci Gusta Portogruaro our customers can visit our yogurt station where our soft, classic and Greek yogurts are freshly made. Once our customers have selected their favorite type of yogurt, they can choose how to top their cup with the many crunchy toppings and sauces on display, thus creating their own personalized snack.

Also available at Ci Gusta Portogruaro are our famous warm, artisan cones. Their irresistible aroma and pleasant crunch are the perfect complement to our cool and creamy gelato.

Our delicious crepes should not be missed. These are served with fresh fruit, tasty sauces and, of course, gelato.

Ci Gusta Portogruaro offers a variety of beverage options to satisfy everyone’s tastes such as cool and creamy Caffettone and our warm Cosi Drink line which offer unique flavors. Both can be topped off with whipped cream and sprinkles. These beverages will warm you up on winter days.

Ci Gusta Portogruaro is back open with a bright new atmosphere offering the goodness of homemade gelato in Adriatico 2 Shopping Center in Portogruaro.

26 January 2021 News

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