30 July 2020

Friendship Day at Ci Gusta

Since 2011, the UN has established a special day dedicated to the celebration of one of the most special feelings: friendship. The 30th of July is the day to celebrate the deep bonds of friendship. If you are looking for an idea to celebrate this day with your BFF, come to Ci Gusta!

Eating pizza has always been an excellent occasion to spend quality time with friends. At Ci Gusta you can choose among many pizzas that are made with only quality ingredients. Our soft dough is the perfect canvas for your favorite toppings. If you are intrigued by your friend’s pizza selection don’t hesitate to take a slice – you may discover some new flavors that could surprise you. Ci Gusta pizza is able to satisfy everyone’s tastes thanks to the many pizza varieties on our menu – from the most traditional Italian toppings to more original flavor combinations inspired by the international locales where Ci Gusta has a presence.

If you prefer the sweetness of fresh artisanal gelato, Ci Gusta has a gelato flavor for you. Spending hours talking while eating gelato is one of the best ways to pass time with your friends and it is even better if you do it while enjoying a decadent “Delizia Epic Cup Large” – a delicious mix of flavors created with creamy hazelnut and chocolate gelatos enveloped in velvety chocolate and caramel sauces and finished with chocolate chips, crunchy hazelnuts and a cloud of whipped cream.

Maybe you want to surprise your friends with a dinner invitation. Finish the meal with a cake! As you know, chocolate is loved by everyone. May we propose you try our mouth-watering double chocolate cake?! Perhaps, you prefer something more summery like our cheesecake made with a crunchy crust, soft yogurt filling and topped with a red berry sauce.

At Ci Gusta we are here to help you celebrate Friendship Day with your best friends!