6 May 2021

Ci Gusta Al Fresco

There is nothing better than enjoying your favourite dishes in the open air to have a complete taste experience. At Ci Gusta you will be sheltered from the sun’s rays and delighted by the gentle breeze that carries the scents coming from the kitchen and will make your mouth water.

Starting the day with a cup of cappuccino or a hot coffee, while savouring a fragrant croissant sitting in the dehor of your favourite Ci Gusta, has a whole different flavour. Order one of the delicious croissants filled with our irresistible creams and enjoy it while sipping our aromatic espresso blend to recreate the classic Italian breakfast.

If you visit us for lunch and it’s a beautiful day, don’t hesitate to sit outside! To make the most of this atmosphere, we recommend that you choose from our menu one of the many variations of pesto pasta that our chefs prepare with care. For the lovers of the classic Pesto alla Genovese, or “Pesto Zeneize” as it’s known in Genoa, we recommend you try it with trofie, a short and thin pasta from the coastal region of Liguria.

If you’re in the mood for something new, try the delicious, slightly bitter version made with rocket or the strong version made with tasty sun-dried tomatoes and almonds. Two sauces that go perfectly with both long pasta such as spaghetti and linguine, but are also ideal for penne, rigatoni or paccheri.

Other gastronomic masterpieces that are perfect for enjoying al fresco are a dish from Verona and another from southern Italy, specifically the city of Bari. Bigoli con le Sarde, or as they say in Veneto, ‘bigoi con le sardée’, is made with a pasta similar to spaghetti, but thicker with a shape reminiscent to a caterpillar, bigat in the local language, that is served with a tasty sauce made with sardines, a humble, but tasty fish.

From Puglia, a region in southern Italy famous for its beaches, comes a delicious dish made with orecchiette, small ear-shaped pasta, that areserved with a thick-cut meat sauce that is sprinkled with grated Pecorino cheese, the delicious Orechiette alla Barese. Two marvelous dishes with a taste that will transport you directly to Italy.

If you’d like to refresh yourself with a creamy gelato, choose your favourite flavours from our rich gelato shop window to enjoy your own personalised cone or cup while strolling around your city. If you’d rather make yourself comfortable, try one of our delicious cups such as the Fruit Delight made with vanilla gelato, seasonal fruit, whipped cream and your favourite topping! A great choice for a tasty snack.

Whether you prefer to eat our specialities outdoors or indoors, we look forward to seeing you at Ci Gusta with these and many other delicious dishes!

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