2 December 2020

The flavors of autumn at Ci Gusta

In our land of origin, Italy, autumn has arrived bringing with it the scents, colors and flavors of the season. Our chefs are inspired by these to create many tasty seasonal recipes and products for the menus in all of our Ci Gusta locations. Are you curious to discover our autumnal menu items? Read on.

Mushrooms are among the most bountiful vegetables of the season and are the main ingredient in one of our Focacce. Mushrooms are added to the soft and fragrant dough of focaccia adding an unmistakable taste, which is impossible to resist. This focaccia is great to eat just as it is or becomes even more spectacular by topping with vegetables and meats.

If you prefer more delicate flavored focaccias we suggest you try one which highlights the most classic vegetable of the season – pumpkin. The sweetness of pumpkin pairs perfectly with the distinct flavors of goat cheese and red onion, creating a combination of refined flavors able to satisfy the taste buds of all customers.

Not only are Ci Gusta’s pizza and focaccia dressed in the scents, colors and flavors of autumn, but so is our bronze die drawn pastas. There are many pasta dishes flavored with classic ingredients of the season. Try our pasta tossed in a creamy cheese sauce enriched with thin slices of mushrooms where you can enjoy the flavor of autumn in every bite.

At Ci Gusta you can also find a sophisticated dish such as Truffle Linguine. Truffle is a gastronomic excellence of this period and thanks its unmistakable fragrance makes every dish special. This precious product finds its ideal habitat among the rolling hills of Langhe and Monferrato, two of the most beautiful areas of the Piedmont region. In this area, not very far from Ci Gusta headquarter, the climate is ideal for the cultivation of the vineyard, which gives juicy grapes that produce great wines such as Barolo, Barbera, Gattinara and Nebbiolo. Aromatic wines perfect to accompany and enhance the dishes of the autumn period.

Our apple crumble is the perfect dessert to warm you up with taste. Delicious apples flavored with a sprinkling of cinnamon and lemon, covered in a crunchy crumble topping and baked. The apples and crumble topping create a pleasant contrast in textures that is impossible to resist. If you are a fan of gelato, do not hesitate to accompany this dessert with your favorite flavor of gelato.

The complete this autumn menu in the best way, end your meal with a cup of black tea sweetened by a note of yuzu, an Asian citrus with an intense aroma. The yuzu will provide character to your hot tea and will warm you up during the first cold.

Are you curious to taste all of these recipes and many more? Come to Ci Gusta!

2 December 2020 News

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