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Sincerely Italian Pizza, Focaccia, Pancrocchino Gourmet.

Not an ordinary Pizza!


Ci Pizza gourmet

Not an ordinary Pizza.

We use traditional craftsmanship to create the best of Italian baking utilizing our unique mix of flours, created specifically for Ci Gusta, and extra-long leavening in order to give our dough ultimate crunchiness and lightness. 

Ci Pizza Teglia

The undisputed Italian specialty of rectangular pan pizza, Ci Pizza Teglia, showcases high-raising crust that is soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside. 

If you prefer  variety, Ci Pizza Teglia is the right choice. Every day, enjoy loads of our seasonal and locally-sourced chef-suggested pizza toppings . Experience all of them with real mozzarella cheese. 



Produced on site in small batches with an incredibly long fermentation and reduced yeast content, Pancrocchino is our most aerated pizza. Those who taste it will never forget it. 

Focaccia Truly Italian flatbread

Authentic Italian Focaccia is an olive-oil soaked Italian bread with a crisp, salty crust and is honeycombed aerated, which requires a timely stretch of attentive cooking due to its slow-rising dough.  Delicious when topped with sun-dried tomatoes or olives and with fine ingredients including cheese, vegetables, or simply with extra virgin olive oil with rosemary and oregano for a perfect happy hour!