15 September 2020

Apertif at Ci Gusta

The “Aperitivo” concept is a tradition that has spread throughout the world. Friday night is usually the perfect time to enjoy this relaxing time with your colleagues and friends to celebrate the end of the work week. Not everyone knows that this tradition has an ancient history that started in the 5th century BC when Hippocrates discovered a bitter beverage made with white wine helped aid the appetite.

If after reading this you fancy an aperitif, at Ci Gusta you can find just the one you desire. For example, you can try a classic Italian cocktail called, “Reggiano,” made with bitter herb liqueur and Lambrusco. For an aperitif to be complete it has to be served with a finger food that is perfect to share with friends. Ci Gusta’s focaccia is the perfect aperitif food – flavored with three simple ingredients – olive oil, rosemary and salt. Do you prefer to pair your cocktails with more delicate flavors? No problem. At Ci Gusta you can try a focaccia made with zucchini blossoms, shrimp and zucchini. All of our focaccia is made to order so it will have the freshest taste and the softest texture.

Can’t resist pizza? We suggest you try one topped with flavors inspired by the Mediterranean Sea – a base layer of tomato sauce with cherry tomatoes and capers.

Is reading this article making you hungry? If so, go for an “apericena” (aperitif + dinner).  Order a plate of Ci Gusta fresh pasta. Our menu includes many different fresh pasta options but today we recommend you try our creamy rocket pesto pasta made with fresh rocket – aka arugula – to create a pesto with a bright green color and verdant aroma. Another pasta recommendation would be a delicious pasta characterized by the rich taste of sun dried tomato pesto. This flavorful pasta is perfect paired with a mango cocktail to lend your aperitif a tropical note. 

Looking for an aperitif with middle-eastern flair? Ci Gusta’s menu also includes pita bread. Pair some with hummus and crunchy vegetables. The flavor of freshly baked pita bread goes perfectly with the creamy and spicy chickpea dip while the freshness of the raw vegetables prepares the palate to receive the next cocktail.

Why wait until Friday? Come to Ci Gusta for your aperitif today!

We are waiting for you!

15 September 2020 News

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