23 June 2020

Social Cakes

Ci Gusta cakes are always the most popular subject to be captured by our clients’ cameras thanks to the cakes eye-catching colors and appealing decorations. Our customers also love the flavor of these cakes made by our talented pastry chefs. Are you ready to make your mouth water? Check out the pictures of our cakes that our clients have posted on social media then run to your closest Ci Gusta to have a slice!

Eating a piece of one of our cakes is the sweetest way to start the day. Enjoy a slice with a creamy cappuccino or with an aromatic coffee for a breakfast duo that will provide you with a boost of energy. This winning combination of flavors is appreciated by our clients who, not surprisingly, love to photograph these delicious treats together!

Ci Gusta’s cakes are not only the perfect start to the day, they are also a yummy dessert that can be enjoyed any hour of the day. If you are craving something sweet after having enjoyed one of our savory Ci Gusta pizzas or pasta dishes with your friends, order a slice of our chocolate cake or cheesecake – you will finish your meal with a smile.

Thanks to the expertise of Ci Gusta’s skilled pastry chefs, our cakes are the perfect sweet gift to give the people you love. Our cake makers love creating a dessert that captures the personality of the recipient. A Ci Gusta cake is the perfect way to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary or a special event, such as the loss of a child’s first tooth. Even during this time of social distancing where it is not always possible to visit our loved ones, a Ci Gusta cake can be delivered directly to your loved one’s home to show them how much you miss them and care for them.

Did viewing all of these photos of our delectable cakes make you want to taste them? Race to the nearest Ci Gusta to enjoy a delightful cake and don’t forget to take a photo and share it on social media with the hashtag #cigusta to be part of our sweet community.

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