8 March 2024

A Series of Successes that Boost the Biancorosso Heart

FC Südtirol has demonstrated its strength and determination on the field in the last three matches. Indeed, the team secured a victory against Bari with a penalty by Casiraghi, confirming their dominance at home. Even against Reggiana, despite the initial disadvantage, the Biancorossi managed to equalize thanks to a goal by Odogwu, showing resilience and team spirit. Furthermore, after this exciting match, the team had the opportunity to visit Reggio Emilia, the hometown of Ci Gusta, further strengthening the ties between the club and our community.

Finally, last Saturday FC Südtirol continued their winning streak by beating Lecco with a goal from captain Tait in the final minutes, confirming their determination right up to the last second. These victories testify the dedication and commitment of every single player, and demonstrate their unwavering efforts in the pursuit of their objectives.

FC Südtirol can count on the constant support of Ci Gusta Reggio Emilia, which has been standing by its side as a sponsor for years. This alliance not only promotes Italian culture globally but also consolidates the bond of unity and solidarity between the two entities. Together, FC Südtirol and Ci Gusta Reggio Emilia continue to proudly promote local traditions, serving as an example of dedication and passion for all those around them.