14 March 2023

FC Südtirol, the team of the moment

FC Südtirol’s fantastic run in Serie B continues as they reach fourth place in the ranking

The South Tyrolean team is experiencing a magical moment! In the second half of the season they have never been defeated, with six victories and four draws to take fourth place in the league table.   

In the last four matches, coach Bisoli’s team has obtained 2 draws and 2 victories.

With Palermo, after an entertaining match full of exciting action, the final result rewarded both teams with one goal each. 

The midweek round played at home against Benevento saw a 0-2 victory for the Südtirol team, which played with wisdom, rationality and concreteness, characteristics that allowed it to earn three precious points.

This match was also characterised by the impeccable refereeing of referee Maria Sole Ferrieri Caputi from Livorno, and by the presence of Damian Gruber, the only South Tyrolean fan who accompanied the team on this midweek trip to Campania. A dedication that was rewarded by the players who went under the curve at the end of the match to greet him and to thank him for having followed them all the way to Benevento.  This episode was so unique and exceptional that it made the rounds of the web and was relayed by numerous sports newspapers!

In the last two matches, the South Tyrolean team won two more useful results that fueled its positive series that has now lasted ten rounds. In the match played against Perugia, FCS won three points that put it in fourth place in the overall standings, a position that was consolidated even further with the draw obtained last Saturday at home against Parma. 48 well-deserved points that allow them to reach Bari, at 50, and that project the team towards the podium of the classification.  

The Südtirol model based on sustainability, competence and connection with the territory works and continues to make an entire province dream.

Ci Gusta believes in this team and is happy to experience together with all the fans of this strong team this beautiful journey in Serie B. Forza FC Südtirol!