25 February 2020

Ci Gusta is for the Whole Family!

At Ci Gusta, we have created many delicious and fun recipes that appeal to our little clients as well as adults. One simple favorite for children is the gelato sandwich. This classic dessert concept takes your favorite flavor of gelato and places it between another children’s favorite – cookies! Is your little one a fruit lover? Order a timeless banana split. Made with caramelized bananas, vanilla gelato, and fluffy whipped cream it’s a dessert that’s irresistible at any age. Sit and sip your coffee while your children enjoy their sweet snack.  

If you are looking for something unique, we recommend taking a fantastic family journey into the magical world of unicorns. Your storybook journey of flavor is made real thanks to creations such as Unicorn Cake Pops. These delicious cake lollipops are covered with a smooth white glaze and are decorated with glittering sugar décor. Rainbow donuts combine the fluffy fun of a donut enchanted with soft pastel colors for a breakfast that starts any day with a bit of sweetness. The most magical trend available in Ci Gusta’s artisian gelato selection is Magic Unicorn. A vanilla gelato with a light blue color, created by spirulina algae, topped with a fruity strawberry topping that sparkles like magic!

On the topic of food trends and new products, visit us to try our 2020 novelty flavor! A combination of strawberry and cream flavors creates a flavor children will love. This flavor is most known for its pastel violet color covered in blue and red sugar crystals. The fun candy crunch of these decorations will make everyone want to try it (even adults)! 

What are you waiting for?! Hurry to your nearest Ci Gusta and surprise your children with a sweet and magical treat today!

25 February 2020 News

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