23 December 2022

The festive season in Ci Gusta

The festive season is in full swing and all Italian families are already planning which delicious dishes to prepare for Christmas lunch and New Year’s Eve dinner. The Ci Gusta chefs are also working to offer you many delicious dishes to enjoy during these festive days.

For the perfect appetiser to start any festive event, we propose the fragrant Tigelle from the Merenda Reggiana line. These disc-shaped sandwiches can be filled with salami, cheeses and vegetables, and are perfect for bringing joyfulness and flavour to any festive table. 

Another way to open lunches and dinners is by enjoying a selection of our crispy Pancrocchino. From its simplest version with tomato, mozzarella and basil to elaborate options with smoked salmon or mushrooms – any option is a delicious starter that everyone loves.

As a main meal, Ci Gusta’s chefs propose tasty Pasta dishes, such as al Pomodoro or Carbonara, or steaming Soups that are perfect to be served as the main course of the dinner. You can taste the versions with potatoes, asparagus or mushrooms for those who like delicate and comforting flavours, or coconut and curry for those who want to try something more innovative, both full of flavour.

Lastly, dessert is mandatory at the end of these fabulous parties. In addition to the classic Panettone and Pandoro, the chefs at Ci Gusta also offer Sweet Crepes to be enjoyed with our exquisite creams or accompanied by a few scoops of our artisanal gelato. The perfect dessert to end every festive lunch on a high note.

We look forward to seeing you at Ci Gusta to celebrate together!

23 December 2022 News