Bite size desserts will brighten up any party and every day!

The best Bite Size Dessert – Mini, Individual, Yummy Italian Treats. Perfectly Pretty for Your Baby and Bridal Showers, Birthday Party Dessert and every day Celebrations … Choose your favourite… Dark chocolate, Coconut Bite, Strawberry Fluff, Caffeinated Tiramisu, Brown sugar crunchy dip, Carambola Pop UP, Crumble in a bottle. No one can stop eating them! […]

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Come Celebrate CiGusta China’s New Location!

Italian espresso and gelato, handmade from scratch with passion and love. Area A L2-3B Hi city Xiangzhou yuwan road n.29 Zhuhai China CiGusta Gelato and Espresso bar is planning to open a storefront shop in the Zhuhai Mall of Zhuhai on May 5th. “I’m really happy that we finally have an outlet for single scoop […]

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CiGusta to open its 7th Store in the heart of Kuwait City

Cigusta won a new strategic venue in Kuwait city in the disputed spot at the University building in the neighborhood of Classic burger Restaurant. CiGusta goes bigger in Kuwait City, planning to make university ground the home of its Italian Frozen Yoghurt delights together with a special offerings of Italian coffee specialties. The new store, […]

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Thursday 1st march. Don’t be late for a very important date! Join us for THE GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION of the second larger CiGusta in COTONOU. Ci Gusta is not just Gelato,It specialises in sumptuous Italian desserts, Neapolitan Pizza and Italian Delicacies served in a fast & good cozy atmosphere with small playground for children’s and […]

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Introducing CiPizza Gourmet. Not an ordinary Pizza!

Crunchy and Light ”When you hold a slice in the air it should sort of sag a bit, indicating the crust isn’t baked to a cracker-like consistency but rather still soft and pliable. The bottom is well cooked with dark spots scattered about..” This is it. After many months of tests and researches, the Chefs […]

30 October 2017 News

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Back to School with our ridiculously good muffin selection

Finally!! Sweeten your back to school with our ridiculously good muffin and pastries! Packed with, apple, nuts, pears. The perfect compromise between healthy and delicious. #muffin #cigusta #pastries With your fidelity card, a variety of gifts apply. Check availability in your CiGusta store!

21 September 2017 News

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New Location in the the wonderful Rawshe street for Ci Gusta Beirut.

After 4 years of successful activity in Hamra Street, CiGusta Beirut won a prestigious new venue in one of the most desirable and lively area of the city: Rawshe street. A new place with the usual CIGUSTA masterpiece already appreciate #Italian gelato, gelato cakes and #Softgelato together with the well known crepes selection Waffles, sticks […]

24 August 2017 News

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Italian coffee is a long life elixir

New medical research outlines the benefits of coffee on health. Regular consumption would, in fact, result in the decreased risk of cancer. To declare it is the scientific journal International Journal of Cancer, which published the results of a study conducted by the Department of Epidemiology and Prevention at the Neurology Institute of Isernia. The […]

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CiGusta – brings the Italian way of life to the world

Each and every CiGusta product is made so that it is perfect for a global audience that pays attention to quality and the authentic Italian way of life. At CiGusta restaurants, our products are not merely food – they come part in parcel with the experience and “sincere” feeling created by Italian taste, in all […]

24 February 2017 News

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Success for our innovative pizza alternative

Real, traditional Italian pizza is one of the most consumed and popular dishes in the world. CiGusta stores are proud ambassadors of this Italian dish par excellence and offer deliciously fragrant pizzas thanks to extremely slow natural proving. Today, the CiGusta stores are also offering an innovative twist on pizza, which is becoming a hit […]

14 February 2017 News

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