25 August 2020

Ci Gusta’s Granitas

For the most refreshing summer treat come taste the delicious Ci Gusta granitas! You will find a wide variety of flavors to enjoy throughout the warm weather months at our Ci Gusta gelato shops.

Our granitas are made with simple ingredients – like ice, fruit and sugar – that, together, create a refreshing dessert that can be enjoyed in our shop or in a convenient take away version.

Not everyone knows that granita originated in Sicily, Italy’s largest island. In the Middle Ages, Arabs brought the recipe for sherbet or sharbat – an iced, cold drink flavored with fruit juice and flower petals – to the Sicilian coast. This recipe was then combined with snow the nivaroli brought back from their travels up Mount Etna and stored until the summer. This combination created granita. The delicious flavor and velvety consistency quickly made granita popular throughout the noble courts on the island.

Traditional granita flavors are lemon, almond and mulberry. These flavors are usually served for breakfast along with soft brioche. Start the day as a true Sicilian by trying our lemon granita, aromatic and with just the right amount of tartness that will give you energy to face the hot summer days.

Granita is also perfect to be enjoyed for an afternoon break. Try our mint version for refreshing flavor explosion. Or, try a granita made with exotic fruit, such as mango and banana, to experience the deliciousness of this fruit in a revitalizing drink.

If you love mojito and want to rediscover this classic cocktail try it in the form of granita. At Ci Gusta you can taste the flavors of this iconic cocktail made from lime, mint and brown sugar. Or you can drink it in its original version – a perfect drink for happy hour with your friends.

If you want a light dessert but want something more decadent and indulgent, try one of Ci Gusta’s granita made with chocolate and coffee topped with a dollop of whipped cream. You will taste a luscious and aromatic dessert that combines the coolness of ice with the intense scent of cocoa and espresso.

At Ci Gusta we are waiting for you to try all of our granitas!

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