10 April 2020

A Chocolate Flavored Easter

Easter is near and for us at Ci Gusta, Easter is synonymous with chocolate! Even if you don’t celebrate this holiday we want to delight you with our chocolate specialties that will make your mouths water!

Whether you prefer dark chocolate to milk chocolate or whether your passion is white chocolate or giandiuotto, at Ci Gusta we have a gelato flavor for you. From our wide gelato selection you can choose from a vast range of tastes that maximize both the aroma and flavor of your favorite chocolate – starting with the great classics to new pairings such as Chococaramel or Choco Coconut.

No one will be able to resist the Ci Gusta Epic Choco Margarita Gelato Cup. This riff on the classic Mexican cocktail is a gelato cup made with soft, black chocolate and chocolate cookies with layers of white chocolate sauce decorated with wafer cigars, whipped cream and, of course, more crumbled chocolate cookies. This culinary pleasure is not to be missed! WARNING: suitable for real gluttons only!

Our Ci Gusta Double Chocolate Cheesecake is the ideal dessert to celebrate Easter or any other event. Thanks to its crunchy base, creamy, rich chocolate filling and shiny, dark chocolate icing this is the perfect confection to complete any lunch or dinner.

At Ci Gusta we have a variety of chocolaty sweet treats to satisfy those afternoon cravings. Try the Extra Chocolate Mousse – a creamy single-portion dessert with an intense chocolate flavor dotted with crunchy almond pieces that provide a pleasurable textural contrast to the airy mousse. At the Ci Gusta pastry counter you will find the classics like Chocolate Chip Cookies – butter cookies full of chocolate chips – and the seductive Chocolate Lava Cake – chocolate cake with a gooey, liquid chocolate center. These are perfect for those with a sweet tooth!

If you love the combination of chocolate and coffee don’t miss the irresistible Marocchino, a fine coffee blend accompanied by cocoa and milk cream that you can only find in the Ci Gusta restaurants. We can also customize your own favorite chocolate flavors and combinations in our popular gelato-based milkshakes.

Are your mouths watering…..what are you waiting for?

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