Ci Gusta Cioccomania

Dark, milk, white or with crunchy hazelnuts are just some of the delicious ways to enjoy chocolate, one of the most delicious foods that you can taste. At Ci Gusta we love experimenting with this mesmerizing ingredient, and you’ll find plenty of ways to get the most out of it. Let the cioccomania of Ci […]

8 October 2021 News

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The delicious Ci Gusta gelato cups

Enjoying a good gelato is a sweet moment to treat yourself when you want to take a break from the hectic pace of the day and simply enjoy a bit of light-heartedness while you are eating your favourite gelato combination. If you want to take a moment just for you, come to Ci Gusta, make […]

22 September 2021 News

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Ci Gusta brings Italian cuisine to central Africa

The chain’s largest restaurant opens in Brazzaville on October 17 The opening of Ci Gusta Brazzaville, Congo, is just around the corner. October 17th will bring the goodness and quality of Italian cuisine to the heart of Africa in a spacious and welcoming environment. With its 1200 m2, the new restaurant will be the largest […]

15 September 2021 News

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Cool down with Ci Gusta

Looking for a way to cool down from these late summer days? Don’t worry, come to Ci Gusta to try the tastiest way to beat the heat. Are you looking for something to quench your thirst, but a classic glass of water isn’t enough? Ask our bartender to add some fruit syrup to your glass […]

8 September 2021 News

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Ci Gusta Lagos work in progress

The work on the new Ci Gusta store in Lagos, one of the most dynamic cities in Africa, is proceeding fast. We are now in the main phase of designing the large store, which requires a careful study of the space and attention to the smallest details that distinguishes the Italian Style of our restaurant. […]

25 August 2021 News

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Ci Gusta Kabul

In 2013, a young Afghan entrepreneur living in Europe came into contact with Ci Gusta by chance. At the time, he was the owner of a well-established chauffeur-driven car rental business. Upon this encounter he realized that Ci Gusta, a gelato franchise founded two years earlier in Italy by Dario Rabboni, could be the key […]

18 August 2021 News

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Creamy sweetness with the flavour of Yoghurt

Ci Gusta’s soft yoghurt differs from others in its creaminess and genuine taste that refreshes the palate and can be enriched with grains and delicious sauces to make the snack of your dreams. Our soft yoghurt has a sweet taste, but with a pleasant hint of acidity that makes it so special and similar to […]

17 August 2021 News

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Try the overwhelming freshness of Ci Gusta’s milkshakes

If you’re a fan of Ci Gusta‘s artisanal gelato, you will love to try our Milkshakes. You can enjoy this refreshing treat, suitable either to be savoured in one of our comfortable dehors or to be ordered to take away and sipped while strolling through the city streets. If you love intense, mouth-watering flavours, you’re […]

10 August 2021 News

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Quick, but with taste

If you are looking for a delicious meal to eat quickly during your lunch break in a bright and welcoming environment, come to Ci Gusta to experience the fast and tasty experience. One of the main objectives of Ci Gusta is to offer Italian cuisine in a fast and efficient way, using only genuine ingredients […]

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