23 June 2021

The fresh granitas of Ci Gusta

When the heat is really strong, the only way to cool off is with one of our granitas, which will delight you with their flavour and keep you well hydrated during the hottest months.

Granita is a typical Italian summer drink that is consumed throughout the country during the hottest afternoons, but it can also become a tasty breakfast accompanied by the classic brioche con il tuppo that can be enjoyed in all the bars on the magnificent Sicily island.

The same atmosphere and flavours can also be found at Ci Gusta where we prepare our granitas respecting the tradition that has made this drink so unique and appreciated all over the world. You can accompany it with one of our fragrant brioches to try the exquisite Sicilian breakfast.

In our cafés you can enjoy the most popular flavours of granita such as strawberry and mint, but you will also have the chance to taste more traditional flavours such as mulberry, mora di gelso in Italian which is made from the fruit of a plant that grows luxuriantly in the south of Italy and gives juicy fruits with a sweet and slightly sour taste.

In addition to traditional flavours, at Ci Gusta we love experimenting with new flavour combinations that will surprise our customers with every sip. One example is our Mango & Ginger granita, which has the characteristic texture of the summer drink par excellence and the sweet taste of the best ripe mangoes, which is enhanced by the citrusy spiciness of ginger. After enjoying this drink, you will be refreshed and rejuvenated.

We look forward to seeing you at Ci Gusta to quench your thirst with our granitas.

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