27 October 2021

Light, but tasty!

Do you love gelato, but need to watch your figure? Don’t worry, at Ci Gusta you can enjoy a great artisanal gelato with a full and satisfying taste made with exclusive ingredients that will allow you to enjoy an indulgent gelato without exaggerating with sugar.

Thanks to its unique properties, stevia is at the base of our “light” gelatos as it has zero calorie contribution, but guarantees an exquisite sweetness that goes very well with many fruits or cream flavours. Ask our gelato makers which flavour of the day they have made with stevia and try it now!

For dark chocolate lovers, we have come up with a flavour just for them: Ciocconero Zero. The intense colour will catch their eye, and then amaze them with its rich, aromatic taste of dark chocolate sweetened with stevia. The ideal taste for chocolate lovers who want to live a healthy life but who want to have an indulgent pleasure. 

Lovers of soft yoghurt can order our special yoghurt sweetened with this refined sweetness plant to enjoy all the delicate flavour of yoghurt for their fresh snack.

We are waiting for you at Ci Gusta to try all our delicious gelato proposals that will give you a moment of goodness, without weighing you down. 

27 October 2021 News

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