23 February 2022

Little delights

A dessert is always a great idea to end your meal on a high note or to treat yourself with a sweet pleasure after a day at work. At Ci Gusta you will always find a wide selection of pastries that will recharge your batteries and delight you with every bite.

One of our most popular desserts is undoubtedly our cheesecake. The fragrant crumble base we use provides a crunchy touch that goes well with the softness of the fresh cream cheese flavour that characterises this dessert. We also enjoy changing the topping, where we experiment with different fruit sauces or delicious creams.

For those who love chocolate and classic pastries, we offer our exquisite Sacher Cake. Extremely soft and with a rich, full-bodied chocolate flavour that alternates with the pleasant acidity of the apricot filling. A concentration of goodness that will not leave you indifferent.

In addition to this traditional cake, chocolate lovers can order our irresistible Lava Cake. This cocoa cake with a soft chocolate heart that releases its deliciousness with every spoonful will enchant everyone.

Finally, for those who love the satisfying taste of biscuit, we have come up with several recipes based on a delicious cream that has all this fantastic flavour. Soft mousses or irresistible cream puffs with a creamy heart of delicious biscuit cream, but also cookies and soft filled muffins.

We look forward to seeing you at Ci Gusta and enjoying our pastry creations.

23 February 2022 News

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