10 August 2022

Ci Gusta Tunis Carthage Airport, the ideal pre-flight break

Since 2018, those passing through Tunis Carthage Airport can enjoy a fragrant coffee and refresh themselves with a creamy artisanal gelato at Ci Gusta, the ideal place for a sweet pre-departure break.

Ci Gusta welcomes the many travellers who pass through the food court in the international departure hall of this major airport, which hosts more than four million travellers each year and has more than 1,700 flights pass every month. There they can have a quick lunch of crispy pizza and focaccia made with genuine ingredients that provide the same taste of pizza found in Italy.

Desserts are never lacking in the showcase of Ci Gusta Tunis Carthage Airport, which presents a wide selection of exquisite cakes filled with mouth-watering creams that win over passengers first with their eyes and then with their palate.

Artisanal gelato is what attracts travellers the most, due to its creaminess and the variety of flavours made by our gelato makers every day, it is one of the most popular products and should never be missed.

For those who have little time before catching their plane, Ci Gusta offers delicious milkshakes that can be made with or without cream, perfect to sip while standing in line at the boarding gate. For those who have more time and want to relax with a cool drink, they can order a thirst-quenching non-alcoholic mojito or one of the many fruity and non-fruity drinks.

We would like to thank the venue partner New Rest and all the staff of Ci Gusta Tunis Carthage Airport who are waiting to serve you  before your next flight!

10 August 2022 News