20 April 2020

The Mediterranean fragrances of Ci Gusta Fethiye

Ci Gusta has an Italian heart that expands all over the world to bring the excellence of our land to faraway places rich in tradition. In this difficult time for everyone, we want to tell you a wonderful story that combines different cultures and flavors to create something unique like the experience of Ci Gusta Fethiye, Turkey.

Fethiye is a tourist town in the province of Mugla located in one of the most beautiful and renowned coastal areas of Turkey. The city has a population of about 200,000 inhabitants, which grows by 60,000 in summer thanks to the many tourists who decide to spend their holidays in this area rich in culture and natural beauty. It is a place that attracts fans of ancient history, archaeology through the incomparable “turquoise” coast dotted with remains, rock tombs, temples and theaters of the ancient people of Lycians. After a trip through the ancient ruins, an excursion in the woods near the city or a more relaxed trip to the splendor of the turquoise coast everyone can find themselves at Ci Gusta to take a break in sweetness.

In this lively town, MRS GULAYN and MR HAKKI had the desire to open a restaurant serving bakery products, pizza, Italian pasta and gelatos, and thanks to the advice of a friend, they found out about the Ci Gusta franchising that helped them to realize their dream and to open two restaurants in this wonderful coastal town; the first one along the charming and exclusive marina, the second one inside the picturesque maze of alleys close to the souk and the bazaar.

They decided to choose Ci Gusta because this Italian format allows them to offer a cuisine different from the traditional Turkish one, but that shares many typical flavors of the cultures that overlook the Mediterranean Sea, so loved by the locals. Thanks to the teachings of the Ci Gusta’s chefs, they have learned the secrets to work with sweetness and wisdom the quality ingredients to create tasty gourmet pizzas made only with the best raw ingredients, to create inviting pasta recipes and to produce an artisan gelato of excellent quality – specialties that are highly appreciated by Turkish customers.

The Ci Gusta Fethiye combines the taste of Italian tradition with the scents and colors typical of Turkish cuisine. In fact, the wide menu includes many combinations of kebabs, meat and fresh fish dishes and, in addition to the traditional Italian pizza, the typical Turkish version is also served, usually topped with meat, vegetables and spices.

Thanks to this harmonious synergy of Mediterranean cultures, Ci Gusta Fethiye is the ideal place to spend a moment of happiness with your family or to meet up with friends after a long time away.

At the moment, the 2 Ci Gusta of Fethiye are temporarily closed to deal with the health emergency. However, all the staff can’t wait to welcome you back to enjoy the dishes on their menu and offer you a moment of goodness that comes from the Italian cuisine and that reaches the spicy scents of the Turkish tradition.

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