28 February 2024

Gelato and Magic in Venice: Ci Gusta Arrives at the Ca d’Oro!

Mark this date! The 27th of March 2024 will be a new beginning for Ci Gusta Reggio Emilia in the most fascinating and famous Italian city in the world. We are excited to announce the opening of our third shop in Venice. 

The opening of this new location represents an important step for us. In fact, for over 5 years, Ci Gusta has been a reference point for all lovers of artisanal gelato and desserts in the lagoon. The success and affection we have received, from Venetians and tourists alike, have thus prompted us to further expand our presence in this magical city of breathtaking beauty and unique character.

This time we will open a store along the busiest street in the lagoon city, the so-called Strada Nuova, which connects the Santa Lucia train station with the renowned Rialto Bridge. Our new shop, located near the majestic Ca d’Oro, will offer Venetians and all visitors a wide range of our products. For those who don’t know, we are talking about one of the most conspicuous and mysterious historical dwellings in the entire city, emerging almost mystically from the waters of the Grand Canal, enchanting with its facade that was once covered in gold and still holds the memory of an era of Venetian opulence. Built in the 15th century, it houses a rich art collection and continues to capture the imagination of anyone who looks

Join us on March 27 for an unforgettable experience of taste and joy at Ci Gusta Ca d’Oro, where the goodness of artisanal gelato meets the magic of Venice.

28 February 2024 News