10 November 2020

Pancrocchino Special

Pancrocchino has always been one of the most popular items on the Ci Gusta menu. Our chefs carefully select the best ingredients, which enhance the fragrant and crunchy dough making Pancrocchino a customer favorite. Thanks to its rectangular shape characterized by a crunchy crust, recalls the classic Roman-style pizza, a thin and crispy pizza that is different from the famous Neapolitan, but which does not lack taste and flavor. Are you curious to discover some original flavor combinations that we have created for our Pancrocchino? Keep reading along and get ready to make your mouth water.

Our chefs pay homage to the products of Northern Italy in the first of our Pancrocchino. The crunchy base of Pancrocchino is sprinkled with creamy gorgonzola – an Italian cheese with a strong and distinct flavor that remains imprinted on any one who tastes it. The delicate leaves of red radicchio and chopped walnuts add to the topping. These three ingredients make it possible for people around the world to appreciate these regional tastes thanks to Ci Gusta.

Another recipe our chefs have developed has an excellent Italian salami, bresaola, as its main ingredient.  Bresaola is a lean cured meat made with beef. When combined with the slightly tangy taste of goat cheese and the crunchiness of Ci Gusta’s Pancrocchino, the flavor becomes even more irresistible.

Porcini mushrooms sautéed with garlic and parsley are the main ingredients in a new Pancrocchino recipe. Accompanied by Spring onions, the porcini mushrooms are one of the most elegant and tasty Pancrocchino toppings you will find at Ci Gusta. This is a dish rich in taste and perfect for our vegetarian customers.

Pancrocchino is not only for savory use, it can also be used for sweet goods. By Ci Gusta, Pancrocchino is the ideal base for a variety of fruit sauces. It can also be used to make a yummy alternative version of one of the most loved Italian desserts: Tiramisu. The unique texture of the Pancrocchino base is very versatile and allows our chefs to express their creativity and have fun creating new recipes for our customers.

Don’t know which Pancrocchino to choose? Try them all at Ci Gusta!

10 November 2020 News

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