19 May 2021

Ci Gusta lands in Nigeria

Ci Gusta is ready to bring the goodness of Italian cuisine to Lagos, one of the largest cities in Africa where the approximately 17 million people living in this metropolis will finally be able to enjoy the authentic flavours of Italian food.

Pizza, pasta and of course gelato will arrive in Nigeria in this city built on the mainland and on the islands of the nearby lagoon, which is the financial and economic centre of the country. Lagos takes its name from the Portuguese colonies who, throughout history, have also influenced the country’s gastronomic culture. The main ingredients are seafood and fish, but there is also meat, especially chicken and rice dishes such as the famous Nigerian Jollof Rice with Chicken.

Although the country’s cuisine is characterised by spices and ingredients that are very different from those used to make traditional Italian dishes, the many pasta and pizza recipes made with simple, but genuine ingredients are very popular.

Ci Gusta Lagos will be located in the residential and exclusive area of Victoria Island, where locals, tourists or anyone who appreciates good food will be enchanted by the dishes and design that characterizes our philosophy based on a modern style, but able to respect tradition.

Ci Gusta will land in Nigeria thanks to the will of Sleiman Olleik and his team. When we asked Mr Olleik why he has chosen to bring the flavors of Italy in Nigeria, he replied “Why Italian cuisine? Simple, because it can satisfy every member of the family. I am looking for every single human who can appreciate and love the Italian concept. I want them to try and be addicted to it”. Mr Olleik is a pasta and espresso lover and he told us that “Nigerians like the Italian cuisine especially pizza and pasta” and he is sure that the Ci Gusta concept will be really appreciate in the state as it offer all this delicious dishes combined with the Italian expertise.

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