8 October 2020

Ci Gusta’s Lactose Free Delicacies

In the past few years, more and more people are looking for gelato that is both creamy and rich in flavor while being free of milk and its derivatives. These people are looking for a tasty product that is able to meet their dietary needs. At Ci Gusta everyone can have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious frozen treat thanks to our wide selection of lactose-free gelato, soft serve and “semifreddi” (a partially frozen Italian dessert similar to gelato) flavors.  

At Ci Gusta we always have lactose-free frozen dessert offerings, like our sorbets. Our sorbets are freshly made with juicy fruit and ideal to enjoy at the end of a meal or as an alternative to the classic fresh fruit. Sorbets are also perfect as a tasty snack for lactose intolerant children.

Our lactose-free desserts don’t just come in fruit flavors. Some of your favorite flavors like pistachio, chocolate and cream, can be found in a lactose-free version in our stores. All of the richest and most tempting flavors can be made to meet the needs of those who follow a dairy-free diet. Ask your trusty Ci Gusta gelato maker to show you the lactose-free flavors of the day or try all of them and find your favorite!

If you are lactose intolerant but you have always wanted to taste the flavor of frozen yogurt, at Ci Gusta you can finally try it! Ask for the lactose-free version and have fun decorating it with the many dairy-free toppings and sauces to create a yummy snack that is compatible with your diet and is perfect to be enjoyed in the afternoon.

Want to celebrate your birthday with a delicious gelato cake but you are lactose intolerant? Just select the lactose-free gelato flavors you prefer and our expert gelato makers will get to work helping you create your personalized birthday cake, made meticulously without milk or dairy derivatives.

Whether or not you are lactose intolerant, at Ci Gusta, we are waiting for you!

8 October 2020 News

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