17 November 2020

Ci Gusta’s Sunday Lunch

Sunday lunch is sacred for every Italian. This meal is a time of sharing and joy that is repeated each week and where food is the special guest. On this day of celebration, Italian mothers delight their family with traditional and rich dishes. At Ci Gusta you can experience the same emotions of these festive lunches every day thanks to our chefs who prepare the classic Italian Sunday lunch recipes with passion.

Lasagna is one of the dishes par excellence of great occasions. Thanks to its irresistible taste lasagna has become a symbol of Italian cuisine throughout the world. Thin layers of pasta sheets are the base on which rests the dense and tasty raqu – a meat sauce that has simmered and slow cooked for hours. A velvety white sauce tops the ragu. These layers are then repeated to create a most enjoyable dish in the Italian tradition.

Even those who follow a vegetarian diet can enjoy this delicious comfort food. Our chefs have created a recipe based on vegetables, white sauce and cheese that will make even meat lovers’ mouths water.

In order to not waste even a little bit of the rich sauce, choose a piece of soft Ci Gusta Focaccia to make the famous “scarpetta” (the small piece of bread used to mop up the last of the sauce on your plate). Our focaccia’s soft texture and fragrant scent will bring out the best of any remaining sauce. This genuine gesture signals that you have enjoyed the meal you have just finished eating.

If, after this rich and tasty meal, you still have room for dessert, order one of the most classic Italian desserts: Pannacotta. This delicate dessert has a fresh, creamy flavor that can be enhanced with chocolate, caramel or fruit sauces.

To end the Sunday lunch in a traditional way, finish the meal with a good coffee that is prepared “a la minute” which wafts its aroma throughout the house. On our premises you can order the fragrant espresso of Ci Gusta, an aromatic blend of beans that will help you finish your rich Sunday meal with taste.

Order these and many other genuine dishes from Ci Gusta so that you can experience that feeling of attending a real Italian Sunday lunch any day of the week.

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