4 February 2021

A pizza for all taste buds

Simple, with just tomato and mozzarella, or more elaborate with the addition of vegetables, meat or fish to create a unique dish with a thousand nuances of taste,  we are describing one of the most popular dishes in the world: pizza. At Ci Gusta, our chefs work confidently with the soft dough that forms the base of our pizza. Our pizza can be enjoyed in many different styles and variations of ingredients to meet the taste preferences of our customers.

The undisputed masterpiece of classic pizza is the Ci Pizza Margherita – pizza topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella. This winning flavor combination is never missing from the Ci Gusta menus. The simplicity of ingredients and flavors satisfy the palates from around the world.

At Ci Gusta, in addition to the classic round pizzas on our menu, you can also try “Pizza al Tegamino”. This has its origins in the city of Turin. This unique style of pizza is cooked in a pan called “tegamino,” which makes the dough soft and fluffy when baked but also creates a crunchy bottom crust and makes the edges almost “fried.” A slightly different style of pizza from the usual but certainly not lacking in taste.

If you are a fan of white pizza, Ci Gusta is ready to satisfy all of your cravings with many recipes that do not include tomato. In our menu selection of tomato-free pizzas, one of our favorites is topped with full-flavored bacon, mushrooms, raw onion and rosemary. These robust flavors create a perfect harmony of taste. If you are looking for a white pizza with more delicate flavors, may we recommend one topped with prawns, julienne-cut zucchini and fresh zucchini flowers? Even fans of tomato pizza will be amazed at how good these white pizzas are!

Even those who follow a vegan diet will enjoy our pizzas thanks to the creative vegetable-based recipes we have on the menu. One of our favorites is pizza topped with grilled zucchini, fresh cherry tomatoes and roasted potatoes that sit on a light layer of tomato sauce and with springs of fresh rosemary that add color and fragrance to this vibrant pizza.

We invite you to come to Ci Gusta and browse our pizza menu to find your favorite!

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