16 February 2021

Ci Gusta reinforces its presence in Africa with a forthcoming opening in Brazzaville, the dynamic and cosmopolitan Congolese capital, geographically located on the banks of the Congo River.

The construction of the new Ci Gusta is progressing quickly and will soon bring the classic dishes of Italian cuisine to the heart of equatorial Africa.

The city of Brazzaville is a charming, historic colonial capital of a country rich in raw materials and underground resources. The city has a relaxed atmosphere thanks to its lush tree-lined boulevards that are home to numerous restaurants and cafes.

Our new restaurant will be housed in a colonial-style building located in the center of the city, on the busy Rue de Colbert, and will be decorated in the iconic Italian style of Ci Gusta.

In this space, you will be able to taste several pasta dishes and our Ci Pizza™. The Ci Pizza™ has a unique crust made with a special blend of flours. Included on our menu is a wide selection of traditional Italian desserts to choose from and many flavorful and creamy gelati and sorbetti that are the ideal solution to refresh yourself on the hottest days. We are proud to say all of our menu items are made from the highest quality ingredients imported from Italy to bring you an authentic Italian culinary experience.

Ci Gusta Brazzaville is expected to open in September 2021.

With this new store opening, Ci Gusta solidifies its position as the leading fast food franchising business in Africa.

16 February 2021 News

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