Ci Gusta’s Lactose Free Delicacies

In the past few years, more and more people are looking for gelato that is both creamy and rich in flavor while being free of milk and its derivatives. These people are looking for a tasty product that is able to meet their dietary needs. At Ci Gusta everyone can have the opportunity to enjoy […]

8 October 2020 News

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Ci Gusta’s Coffee

October 1st is International Coffee Day – a full day dedicated to one of the most loved and most consumed beverages throughout the world. You can savor its aroma to the fullest in a classic espresso or you can use it to enhance a simple gelato bowl thanks to its rich flavor. Flip through our […]

1 October 2020 News

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Ci Gusta sweet treats for a special event

Are you planning a family birthday? Or do you want to celebrate an important milestone but you don’t know which dessert to choose for your party? Every day at Ci Gusta you can find many delicious cakes and semifreddi that will be the centerpiece of your party table. If you think that a party is […]

24 September 2020 News

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Apertif at Ci Gusta

The “Aperitivo” concept is a tradition that has spread throughout the world. Friday night is usually the perfect time to enjoy this relaxing time with your colleagues and friends to celebrate the end of the work week. Not everyone knows that this tradition has an ancient history that started in the 5th century BC when […]

15 September 2020 News

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Ci Gusta at the Opera

Wednesday, September 2nd Opera Italiana is in the Air took place in the magical setting of the Castello Sforzesco in Milan. This event was born from an idea of Alvise Casellati, director of the Farnesiana Orchestra. The baritone, Leo Nucci, together with three sopranos, Maria Mudryak, Federica Guida and Annarita Giuffrida, performed the Trilogia Popolare […]

9 September 2020 News

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The sweet temptations of Ci Gusta

If you’re looking for a dessert full of flavor and sweetness come try Ci Gusta’s delicious express pastry creations! Tasty crepes, soft pancakes and irresistible bubble waffles are the best way to satisfy your sweet tooth. If your favorite way to start the day is with something made fresh and from scratch indulge in Ci […]

1 September 2020 News

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Ci Gusta’s Granitas

For the most refreshing summer treat come taste the delicious Ci Gusta granitas! You will find a wide variety of flavors to enjoy throughout the warm weather months at our Ci Gusta gelato shops. Our granitas are made with simple ingredients – like ice, fruit and sugar – that, together, create a refreshing dessert that […]

25 August 2020 News

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Summer special: gelato and semifreddi

Summer is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year – the days get longer and the weather gets warmer providing us with some amazing days to spend outdoors with friends. What better time than this to enjoy a creamy gelato or a fresh semifreddo at Ci Gusta? In Ci Gusta’s cozy atmosphere you […]

18 August 2020 News

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A journey among the Italian flavors with Ci Gusta

Italy has always been one of the tourists’ most-loved countries. Visitors come from every part of the globe to visit the natural and architectural beauties of this country. The Bel Paese is rich in artistic-cultural heritage and has more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other country in the world – topping the list with […]

10 August 2020 News

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A drink at Ci Gusta

Summer is the best season to sip a refreshing cocktail with your friends after a long day of work or while taking a weekend break. At Ci Gusta you can find many non-alcoholic drinks from classic combinations to the more original made from unique and high quality ingredients. May we suggest you try a regenerative […]

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