Official CiGusta news

Given the spread of the Coronavirus in Italy and Europe, in an effort to be proactive, we have decided, as a protective measure, to temporarily close our two stores located in Venice Laguna and Portograuro. These temporary store closures are effective until the end of April. We apologize to you, our customers, as we hope […]

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Comunicato ufficiale Cigusta

Con grande rammarico, a causa della situazione legata all’epidemia Coronavirus in Italia  ed in Europa, abbiamo deciso, in via temporanea e cautelativa, di sospendere  fino al mese di Aprile 2020 i due punti vendita di  CiGusta Venezia Laguna e Portogruaro, scusandoci con la clientela e nella speranza di ritornare operativi al più presto.

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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Ci Gusta

The 17th of March is getting closer, and Ireland and the rest of the world are ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. On that day, the whole island is dressed in emerald green, the streets and pubs are full of people, parades, and traditional Irish music concerts. If you’re not on the emerald island, but […]

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With Ci Gusta, you have always a place in the first row!

We are happy to announce that we will support the show of the Senegalese comedian Yass Rembobine that will take place in Bamako. Thanks to his elegant style and funny sketches, Yass has conquered all the French- speaking African countries with his irresistible humor. And now his humor is coming to the capitol of Mali. […]

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Ci Gusta Social

In the world of social networks, everyone is obsessed with food. Users love to share on their accounts pictures of delicious food that is a feast for the eyes. The most photographed subjects include gelatos, pasta, avocado foods, and pizza. What you may not know is the images shared by our clients can compete with […]

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Ci Gusta Featured in Different Media

The news of Ci Gusta‘s participation at the Coffee and Hospitality Exhibition in Medina, Saudi Arabia, is spreading on the web. Look at all the news that the trade magazines have dedicated to this event.

28 February 2020 News

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Ci Gusta is for the Whole Family!

At Ci Gusta, we have created many delicious and fun recipes that appeal to our little clients as well as adults. One simple favorite for children is the gelato sandwich. This classic dessert concept takes your favorite flavor of gelato and places it between another children’s favorite – cookies! Is your little one a fruit […]

25 February 2020 News

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More and more diners are looking for gluten-free options on restaurant menus, with consumers becoming increasingly aware of gluten intolerance and allergies. There is no doubt that today and into the future the pastry industry must include gluten-free options that do not sacrifice quality, taste or texture. For this reason, we at Ci Gusta have […]

18 February 2020 News

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Pizza Around The World!

Flour, water yeast and a touch of salt are the ingredients used to create one of the most loved foods in the world – pizza! This popular treat, a symbol of Italian cuisine, is extremely versatile. Interpretations of pizza can be found around the globe.  The United States has many versions of pizza with the […]

11 February 2020 News

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2020 Artisanal Gelato Trends

While it is still winter in the Northern Hemisphere, the Southern Hemisphere is in its summer season with people enjoying sunshine and warm weather. During the current summer season Australia is introducing and promoting new trends in gelato that will become popular in Europe and the United States. These trends include interesting and innovative solutions […]

4 February 2020 News

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