23 June 2017

Italian coffee is a long life elixir

New medical research outlines the benefits of coffee on health. Regular consumption would, in fact, result in the decreased risk of cancer. To declare it is the scientific journal International Journal of Cancer, which published the results of a study conducted by the Department of Epidemiology and Prevention at the Neurology Institute of Isernia.

The cancer prevention effects of coffee

Medical research has been conducted on about 7,000 men in Italy over a five-year time span, from 2005 to 2010. The results showed that coffee has a beneficial effect on cancer, most likely due to the presence of caffeine rather than to other molecules. Other research has also shown that at the cellular level, caffeine induces a natural regeneration mechanism.

Quality is essential

Research by the Neuromed Institute has also shown that not all types of coffee are considered beneficial in this regard. Only the espresso obtained in the traditional Italian procedure has proven to have positive effects, as it contains a higher concentration of bio-active substances. Coffee is an integral part of the Italian lifestyle and it is likely why the record of international longevity has been reached in Italy.

The talents of our Espresso

Every CiGusta Restaurant serves the unique CiGusta private label espresso with a recipe, which has been developed
and refined over the years and is now obtained from a blend of the best mono-origins, roasted separately to enhance each coffee bean’s unique characteristics, and to get the perfect mix of taste and aroma with the delicate presence of chocolate and toasted bread. Great for drinking alone, and perfect as a base for cappuccino and our gourmet coffee recipes, coffee is perfect for creating specialties such as coffee-affogato and the famous Espresso Tiramisu using the best part of the dessert— the cream— in a smoother, charming variant!

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