24 February 2017

CiGusta – brings the Italian way of life to the world

Each and every CiGusta product is made so that it is perfect for a global audience that pays attention to quality and the authentic Italian way of life. At CiGusta restaurants, our products are not merely food – they come part in parcel with the experience and “sincere” feeling created by Italian taste, in all corners of the world. People choose CiGusta restaurants not only because they can find authentic artisan gelato, crisp pizza and extremely slow proving achieved using Italian raw ingredients, machinery and recipes, but because CiGusta is a taste experience that can be shared with friends, family and children alike! The art of Italian gastronomy is made simple so that it can be reproduced in every CiGusta restaurant, thanks to their supply of raw ingredients produced according to real traditional recipes with the utmost precision.
When it comes to designing our stores, the natural and genuine qualities of the ingredients are always respected and enhanced and we favor the use of wood and stone paired with designer elements. Every one of our stores is a sensory journey filled with fragrances, color and flavors.
This year CiGusta introduced new products, including a wide range of ToGo Gelato Cakes – these consist of a mixture of sponge cake, gelato and fruit, all gluten and palm oil free, which come in an “on-the-go” pop form or on a dish, as a rich gelato cake.

24 February 2017 News

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