14 March 2018

CiGusta to open its 7th Store in the heart of Kuwait City

Cigusta won a new strategic venue in Kuwait city in the disputed spot at the University building in the neighborhood of Classic burger Restaurant.

CiGusta goes bigger in Kuwait City, planning to make university ground the home of its Italian Frozen Yoghurt delights together with a special offerings of Italian coffee specialties.

The new store, expected to open in the next days, will be modeled on the successful experience of the existing CiGusta stores appreciated as a “must-go-to” taste a wide selection of truly artisan Gelato and the well known frozen yoghurt with exclusive toppings and flavours including the new salted caramel.

The new venue is strategic being inside the University playground, thus offering students refreshing snacks, that keep everybody’s happy providing a great taste and more nutrition than a typical dessert.

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