20 December 2019

The CiGusta world tour goes-on! Next stop, Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland.

Ci Gusta Yverdon les Bains

In February 2020, Ci Gusta will arrive in the heart of the thermal town of West Switzerland, to bring the Italian gastronomic tradition to a great location by the riverside of Thielle, close to the wonderful manor and just facing main bus and train hubs.

The Ci Gusta Lounge will combine the excellences, atmospheres and flavours of Italian cooking with the Fast Food culture offering its creations to everyone that comes through this nice, thermal town, including all of those who love good food, as well as who is simply trying to taste of a lot of authentic Italian cuisine in a modern and welcoming environment.

Fast & Good is the formula for our menu: a selection of fresh pasta dishes,  extra long leavening gourmet pizza, fresh pastry, and mouth-watering Liquid Cakes, inspired by traditi onal Italian desserts, in-between cakes and shakes, ideal for taking away.

Ci Gusta Yverdon is born from the collaboration with the local Nomad Food well known in town for its artisanal tacos and burgers, which will perfectly complete the CiGusta offer.  The Ci Gusta Lounge offers an amazing balcony view to the river, and it has been carefully designed to offer a warm and casual atmosphere, ideal for social gatherings.

For breakfast, lunch and late night dinners our lounge is a perfect option for you whether if you’re looking for a  take-out menus on a journey or for a relaxing and informal meal.

Espresso lover will definitely not feel left out, as CiGusta serves Bella Venezia the signature espresso blend, which will overwhelm the surroundings with its delightful aroma, typical of a single-origin coffee.

Ci gusta lounge serves the masterpieces of Italian culinary tradition as eaten in their birthplace: with the same taste, with the same quality and at a price tht you can afford!


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