14 February 2017

Success for our innovative pizza alternative

Real, traditional Italian pizza is one of the most consumed and popular dishes in the world. CiGusta stores are proud ambassadors of this Italian dish par excellence and offer deliciously fragrant pizzas thanks to extremely slow natural proving.

Today, the CiGusta stores are also offering an innovative twist on pizza, which is becoming a hit thanks to its lightness and easy digestibility.

Pancrocchino, a fragrant strip of freshly baked pizza that will satiate the appetites of both adults and children.
The dough begins with a special blend of select grains and is then combined with the traditional food pairing of tomato, mozzarella and quality olive oil, making our Pancrocchino a perfectly balanced product.

This is how CiGusta can offer a “crunchy” alternative to traditional pizza that is perfect for any occasion, and right in line with modern needs. What’s more, it hasn’t forgotten about the benefits of a Mediterranean diet when creating this product that is perfect as a quick snack or a meal with friends.

14 February 2017 News

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