30 October 2017

Introducing CiPizza Gourmet. Not an ordinary Pizza!

Crunchy and Light

”When you hold a slice in the air it should sort of sag a bit, indicating the crust isn’t baked to a cracker-like consistency but rather still soft and pliable. The bottom is well cooked with dark spots scattered about..”
This is it.

After many months of tests and researches, the Chefs of CiGusta have reinvented a modern classic by adding Lightness to Taste, matching Flavour & Character. [When you are eating a slice of CiPizza, you’ll appreciate the unique gourmet taste but also the extreme lightness.] Sourdough with ultra-low-yeast
This is achieved through sourdough with ultra low-yeast content and long natural leavening, which sometimes test our patience and passion but ultimately rewards with lightness and taste.

Cigusta is Upfront about healthy ingredients.
CiGusta is upfront about the ingredients in the food we are serving and every Cigusta restaurant in the world will even offer fresh sometimes even organic ingredients for topping locally sourced. Cooking and eating seasonally also keeps prices affordable for the restaurants and you, the customer.
A variety of Options
You might find different menu options depending on the CiGusta you are eating at. Check the Facebook page of each CiGusta for menus and specials!

Accessible to different diets

We select good foods for everyone meaning that selecting CiGusta will let you appreciate that you can have a tasty meal without stressing. You can choose from all veggie to Italian cult recipes,

CiPizza is freshly baked every day after quiet sleep every night!

30 October 2017 News

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