13 April 2022

Druso Stadium, the home of FC Südtirol

A historic stadium that is being renovated to host the important challenges that the South Tyrolean team will face in the future.

The stadium that has been hosting FC Südtirol matches for more than 20 years is dedicated to the Roman leader Nero Claudio Druso, who built the first bridge over the Isarco River around 15 B.C. during the Rhaetian-Germanic wars, a river that lies near the area where the sports complex is located.

It was built in 1936 following the principles of Rationalism and has a monumental façade typical of that era, while the rest of the complex is surrounded by grey concrete walls inspired by Brutalism. This architectural movement developed in the post-war period and originating in England. It is based on expose the buildings by showing the materials such as concrete, cement and steel that are assembled without embellishments and where robust and squared dimensions and shapes such as those we find in the Druso Stadium are preferred.

Since April 2019, renovation work has been underway that will allow the “Druso” to become a stadium suitable for hosting increasingly important competitions, such as the Serie B. Once the works are completed, the stadium will be transformed into a modern facility and will increase its capacity to 5400 seats in order to accommodate more and more fans ready to support the team.

We are looking forward to discovering the new Druso stadium and to being able to experience as many emotions as FC Südtirol did in the last match, scoring 4 goals against Fiorenzuola. An important victory that keeps the red-and-whites at the top of the standings waiting for the decisive match against Padova scheduled for April 16th at the Druso Stadium.

The whole Ci Gusta staff supports FC Südtirol!