8 February 2019

Ci Gusta Venezia. Freshly made gelato a few meters away from Rialto and S.Marco!

Ci Gusta Venezia Laguna. An exceptional location between Rialto and San Marco.
A few meters from Rialto heading straight to San Marco – we are all set and ready to welcome you in the brand new gelateria CiGusta.

The perfect balance between body, taste and quality

The one in Venice will not be a store like the others, in terms of size and
quality: it is in fact a CiGusta Lounge specialized in the artisanal production of ice creams freshly made every day with new recipes designed to let Venetian visitors discover the real gelato of the Italian tradition with a touch of fancy new flavors: the Venetian Tiramisu, the Luscious Fondant Layer, the toasted hazelnut creams enriched with meringues and many others.

Delicious and juicy combinations for a tasty break.

This is how duets are born. Ice-cream flavors that combine the biscuits, almonds, chocolate, hazelnuts, tasty and satisfying combinations, for those who like to enjoy a break in the sign of gluttony.

The healthy ones

Cigusta Laguna has also thought about a healthy line with no added sugar and incredible lightness thanks to the reduced fat content or the absence of lactose for those with special dietary needs but who do not want to renounce to taste.

Waffle Kiss and Waffle Sticks.The Italian Bubble waffles.

The Cigusta Laguna store has an entire section dedicated to Bubble Waffles with a complete menu for mixing creams, chocolates, cookies and futta sauces. Fresh goodies that can replace a meal in the hot months. Now also with the new WaffleSticks.

8 February 2019 News

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