25 February 2020

Ci Gusta at Coffee and Hospitality Exhibition in Saudi Arabia

Amazing news for the Ci Gusta world. We will participate for the first time at the “Coffee And Hospitality Exhibition” tradeshow in Medina, Saudi Arabia, from the 10th to the 14th of March, in collaboration with the prestigious company “I Eat Company” owned by the Al Zougahibi family.

The 90 m2 Ci Gusta booth is located in Hall SP7 B6 – B13 and is divided into four thematic areas that characterize the Fast and Good Ci Gusta philosophy: pizza, pasta, coffee, gelato, and pastry. Experience Italian delights made with high quality ingredients that characterize our menu.

In the area dedicated to pizza, you can taste one of the signature Ci Gusta dishes, Pancrocchino. It is one of our most delicious pizza products and is made with an incredibly long fermentation process that gives the product an irresistible crunchiness. Pancrocchino is available in 2 versions – the classic version, made with 00 flavor, or the rustic version, with whole-wheat flour.

In our booth you can also find many examples of our wide selection of fresh pasta, which can be perfectly paired with most sauces of the Italian cuisine. Our pasta is extruded through bronze, made with ancient grains that a rough texture to grip the sauce. Produce the most innovative recipes, made with pasta crafted with cereal mix or chickpea flour, and paired with tasty sauces that create many gourmet dishes.

At the Ci Gusta booth, you can drink our aromatic single-origin coffee blend, our colorful and refreshing smoothies, as well as original beverages, like our golden coconut milk or salted caramel drink.

All the new 2020 gelato products will be presented in our stand, such as the new flavor dedicated to our little clients. A blend of cream and strawberry flavours with a pastel violet color, sprinkled with crystalline flakes. Another new product is a gelato with the enveloping flavor of butterscotch that has a toffee caramel flavor – a favorite flavor of Queen Victoria. Other flavors that cannot be missed in the Ci Gusta booth are the several gelato fruit options, made with high-quality products that preserve the flavor and the characteristics of the best ripe fruit.

All these new products and many more products are waiting for you in a contemporary and cosmopolitan venue. Showcasing the advanced system KDS, and windows on the kitchen allow the customers to watch the preparation of our specialties, following the progress of preparation in real time.

This is only the beginning of the Ci Gusta experience in Saudi Arabia. If you want to enjoy our products even after the end of the show, you will be able to do so thanks to the amazing synergy that we are developing with the Al Zougahibi family, who will open the first Ci Gusta of Saudi Arabia in Medina before the beginning of summer 2020.

25 February 2020 News

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